Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Room of Hope

Empty cribs, adored with white ribbons and little glitters of wool cut mittens,
Waiting to be worn,
Hats of cream, blue and pink colours, adore this space, waiting for that special little bundle
I do not known when this special person shall come down from above and take their home.
One thing is sure,
The day will come, and a cry will ring from
a room so beautifully adored.
A room where hope is born

© Rina Rose

Monday, 2 March 2009

He Answers

Talk about God being at work. I know for sure that his hand is upon us and he has heard our prayers.
I have always had a long cycle, anything from 31 days to 36 this makes tracking ovulations difficult. I normally use ovulations kit but stopped after a while.

I had my first flow since the MS. one of my prayer is for God to grant me a perfect cycle. Ideally this is 28 days which means ovulation occurs on day 14.
My prayer has been for God to regulate my cycle, my hormones, and make our body to function the way he created it.
This petition has become stronger since the MS and I have prayed it as often as I can.
My flow started on the 26th of February an exact 28 day cycle. That is prayers answered.

On this journey I sometimes become cautious as I don’t want to be too hopeful, you know, get my hopes up and then nothing happened. But what is faith if I don’t believe that God will come through for me, no matter what.

The devil plays tricks on my mind telling me not to be too hopeful. This might just be a coincident. Well Mr Satan, it is not, this is what I asked for according to Matthew 21:22. If you ask anything in prayer, believing you will receive.
That is what I did and that scripture has been fulfilled in my life. So I am going to continue to believe God, to take him at his word, to hold on to it, no matter what I see, or experience. I will not quit, this too will pass.

God of my strength, you are my hope too, when times are rough and desires tarry,
You are my all.
I look to you and my countenance is enlightened. Your word is my bread all day long and as I wait in your presence, your peace I have as an anchor in the storm.

Open Hearts

Open Hearts
In Gratitude