Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Lossing Faith

Lately, because of all that has happened this summer, I've been so down and found myself asking whether prayer does really work and whether God does indeed hears and answers.
I know he does, but you know those times when things happen to make you ask quesitons and question your belief.

I have resigned myself to the knowledge that I am 35 and after trying for 4 and a half years, with 2 failed IVF cycle and 3 cycles of Clomid, I am still not pregnant.
I have confessed the word, held on to it, smiled through the pain, attended prayer sessions, seminars, you name it, and still nothing.

So it is no surprise that I don't have much faith anymore or hope for it to happen, I have just kind of resigned myself to thinking, "whatever will be" "will be".

Then God lead me to some wonderful blogs and I have been so encouraged by the many entries, my faith was stirred up again. A good friend also encouraged me to continue to hold on to the hope I have and to continue to trust throught the waiting season.

I repented and asked God for forgiveness and for the strenght to trust him through it all.
Though it is hard, this I know "he is faithful who has promised and will bring it to pass"

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Is truth physical?
Is is real?
Can I see it?
Can I touch it?
Can I know it?
What is truth.
who determines the truth of a matter?
Man or God?

Say I can't tell, I can't know, I can't percieve what the truth of a matter is...
but I can choose to believe a thing, relate to a thought and believe a saying
if it's the written word of God.
To me that is the truth.
It matters not if I cannot see it, touch it, know it or perceive it, it matters that God said it and his word will not fall to the ground or fail.
That is truth, abstract or vague, I believe it.

Copyrighted to Rina Rose

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