Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Down through the path ways of life I wander
through the shadows of doubt and fear I tread
littered down this road are tears,
which serves as reminders of my dreads

down the path way of desires I stare
wondering amidst the clouds of pain
and through the mist of gloom
when desires will be come real and
and that which is hoped for within reach.

Down the path I walk on, for ahead looms the goal
within reached amidst the fits
and I as wander on in fear,
I feel his touch and his presence assured
urging me on, for the my dawn is near!


and hi

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

God's Faithfulness

He's been faithful to me,
When my heart felt faint
'cos the wait felt long
He's remain faithful

He's been faithful to me
When the tears just won't stop
and the rain fell quick in torrential pour

He's been faithful to me
When in doubt I felt still
and my knees just won't bend

He's been faithful to me
Through out the years and in spite of my fears,
Through the changing gears of life
He's remain faithful to me.


Open Hearts

Open Hearts
In Gratitude