Saturday, 28 November 2009

Being Grateful

Being thankful can be difficult especially when we look at the cup that is half empty.
Its so easy to focus on the what might have beings, than on what was and what actually is right now.

Being grateful doesn't come easy, especially during the most trying and difficult times of our lives, because our focus is on our situation and to be honest even when we give God thanks in the mist of it all, it is with a heavy heart, and sometimes not to appear ungrateful, kind of out of duty and not out of a heart that is truly grateful in spite of the odds!

So in the spirit of thanksgiving!

I am truly grateful in the mist of it all,
despite the odds, amidst the tears and the disappointments, in spite of the pain,

Lord I am grateful,
Grateful for the life you've given us,
Grateful for health, job, family and friends
We am not improvised,
nor destitute
for food, clothing and shelter.
You've blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and for this
We are grateful.

Open Hearts

Open Hearts
In Gratitude