Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Maybe This Year

Maybe it will be me,
waddling around with a burden,
joyously trotting on,

maybe it will be me with a secret grin
as I await the extension of my protruding bump
excited about the outcome of what will be

Maybe it will be me,
in and out of all the shops
Invading them for little wares of blues or pink
and maybe both

Maybe it will be me
tirelessly waiting and counting the days
till my due date
to the arrival of our much awaited own burden of Joy

may be it will be me
packing up my bag for the trip to the birthing unit,
patiently and eagerly counting down the time

Maybe it will be me,
Writing out that birth announcement,
to friends and family of the arrival of baby Dion

Maybe it will be me, happily staying awake, nursing Dion,
and loving every minute

or maybe it will be me,
with dripping bibs and unkempt house,
not ashamed to smile amidst it all,
thankful for the cause of the mayhem,

So this year, Lord, maybe it will be me with that stick,
looking for that +ve sign,
that first heartbeat,
the second, the last scan
and finally the sweet sound from baby Dion as we welcome him/her to our beautiful world.

Maybe, maybe it will be us Lord! I want it to be us; we want it to be us.
We believe, we hope, we pray.
So Maybe, Just Maybe 2010 will be the year of possibilities.

Open Hearts

Open Hearts
In Gratitude